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A corporate video is a huge representation of your organization. It is more or less the face of the company. It defines how people see the company and speaks of your company’s brand in a huge way. Of course, no one wants it to suck or worse yet misrepresent the brand. You want to do a perfect job in reflecting what you stand for as a company.

Here are a few tricks that will make your corporate video stand out!

Tell a story

Have a theme and work around it. Let the video have a flow that makes sense. Sufficiently brief your team so that they take time to thoroughly prepare and give their best. You want them to tell the story with a natural flow and not to seem all artificial as if reading from a script. Of course, scripts will always be there, but the best talents are those that have gone through the script enough times that they don’t need to refer to it every second.

Best video and audio quality.

For a video that is going to be shared on various platforms with a hope of reaching as many people as you can, you want it packaged professionally and in the best quality. This will potentially bring you money. So, look at it as an investment. If your comms team doesn’t have all the equipment, this is the time to hire what you need or better still contract Framers Consult to do the entire video.

Make it Clean

Be Precise and to the point. Leave out the unnecessary. Unnecessary here being anything that doesn’t add up to the story that you want to tell. You may be tempted to want to use all the footage you have but if a clip is not aligning with the theme then better to leave it out. If anything, you want to keep the video duration between 2-3 minutes.

Introduce the Logo and brand name in a subtle yet bold and frequent way.

This might sound like a paradox but it’s not. Well, you don’t want the logo up in the faces of your audience. The company logo used as a watermark should not be so big or at the center of your clip that it distracts the audience, yet it should appear throughout at a reasonable size and corner. It can be incorporated in the name tags that should appear only for a few seconds. That way it will definitely be at the back of your audience’s minds in a manner that is not irritating.

Being smart boosts confidence.

Whether it’s in official apparel, smart casual or casual. Make sure that your team is neatly dressed and well put together. This can only happen if you adequately brief your team about any filming plans so that they can dress up and prepare psychologically for this. Other than for appearance purposes, this will help boost your team’s confidence while appearing in the video especially since this is not something that many do on a daily basis. You want to leave a good impression, remember?

Have a consistent professional font for your graphics.

You can always tell when a rookie is handling the graphics because of how much they experiment with the fonts and graphics. Which is ok, it’s part of learning. The best way to leave an impression through text however, is to keep it neat and simple. Text may appear in the form of subtitles, titles or basically any text explanations you may want to insert in the clip. Avoid complicated italics that are hard to read. Your audience should have the easiest time watching

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