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We are a team of visual storytellers and communication experts helping organizations to deeply connect with their audiences to own ideas and take actions that change the world. Our work focuses on curating tailored products and services structured in three units: strategic communication, visual storytelling, and communication training.

our promise

What we do, we do it well

Our Process


Research and Analysis

In this phase, the idea for the project is researched, developed, and a project brief is written. It involves analyzing project requirements, outlining the goals, objectives and scope of the project, which informs budgeting, and identifying participants.



Once the concept has been developed, the pre-production phase involves planning and preparing for the actual filming, photography and design. This includes preparing schedules, writing scripts, and briefing the participants and creative crew.



This is the actual execution stage: filming, photography, writing and design where the cameras start rolling, we conduct interviews, capture footage & images, create graphics, write stories, and record sound.


Post Production

Once the content collection is complete, the post-production phase begins. It involves editing the refining designs, processing photos, and editing footage: adding music and sound effects, color grading, and adding any necessary visual effects.



After editing is completed, the first draft is presented to the client. The client reviews and shares feedback. We avail room for feedback and adjustment to ensure that the end product meets the intended purpose.



In the final phase, we incorporate client’s recommendations and finally produce the final piece and deliver it in the required format.

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