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we are framers consult

We help organizations to deeply connect with their audience – own ideas and take actions that change the world.

what we do

We are here to inspire sustainable change through strategic storytelling and we keep it simple.

Our philosophy is inspired by a popular communication theory, ‘The Framing Theory’ proposed by Goffman. It suggests that how something is presented to the audience influences how they interpret it and what choices they make.

If you want to change the world, and transform the lives of those you serve, we are your partner. We not only place your intended information within a field of meaning suitable for your audience, but we also organize the message in a way that influences perception effectively and inspire action.

why we're here

Our mission is simple: to inspire sustainable change through strategic storytelling.

Behind every person is a unique story; these are the stories that bring us together as a people. We are strategic in ensuring that these stories are told in a captivating manner that brings out the best in humanity and for the greater good.

All great things that are worth doing are worth doing from the heart. Our projects are not only handled with great skill and technique but also with much care and wholehearted attention ensuring we deliver only the best and leave a heart print in the work we do.

You can trust us to deliver work that is of esteemed quality. That starts right from the onboarding level. We walk with you through the entire process and maintain a highly professional communication throughout. This ensures that you get the very best version of what you want.

We show up every day in our truest form: honest, transparent and real. That translates into the great detail seen in our work and the long-term relations formed with our clients and partners that has been built on trust.

Our creativity knows no bounds. We thrive on experimentation and discovering new ideas and techniques that are implemented in our work which sets us apart.

Ultimately, our aim is to make a difference and impact the lives of future generations. At the core of the story telling and training done is mentorship, addressing societal problems and working towards practical sustainable solutions.

Some of our Clients & Partners

Framers Consult understands the client’s needs and adequately meets our expectations from conception to final product. They have vast experience in producing high quality visual material that are in line with our brand. They thrive on client satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best possible visuals.


Group Communications & Public Relations Officer Africa Guarantee Fund

We’re always on the lookout for gifted storytellers and communicators to join our team. We love new ideas and ways of sharing the power of story.

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